Currency Counters

Our currency counters will help you improve your daily operations.


At Ken Smith Inc., we know that having accurate currency counters for your business, financial institution or retail store helps you balance your books before, during and after your business day. If you are looking for currency counters that will help you improve your operations and provide a more efficient method of keeping your monetary transactions organized and complete, then our high-quality line of products offers all the solutions you need.

Our currency counters provide a number of benefits for your business, including the latest technology and flexible options to meet your needs. Our currency counters offer advanced currency authentication and built-in counterfeit detection capabilities.

  • Models are available with variable batching, dual head, dual threshold magnetic detection and ultraviolet detection.
  • Standard models come equipped with automatic start, full error detection, adjustable speeds, variable currency batching, and accumulation mode.
  • Advanced models come equipped with a printer for providing detailed audit trails to improve cash counting and balancing operations.

Our efficient and reliable machines are the ideal solution for a variety of applications, and you will enjoy ease of use in addition to high performance once they are implemented into your daily operations.

With several different models to choose from for cash and coin, you can select the option that will work best for your specific requirements. If you need recommendations or would like more information about our currency counters, coin counters and other teller systems for your business or facility, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today.

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