Instant Card Issuance

Issue cards at the speed of life.


Consumers love instant everything. With instant card issuance, your customer should wait no more than three minutes before you hand them their debit or credit card. Plus, 100% of instant issue cards are activated compared with just 50% of cards that are mailed. With the right technology, you can produce high quality cards - flat or embossed and ready for contactless transactions. Cards can be personalized with custom artwork that appeals to the most demanding customer. Your brand will be top of mind and top of wallet.

  • Cardholders with the best brand experiences spend 140% more than those with poor experiences.
  • Organizations that focus on customer experiences see double-digit reductions in customer care costs.
  • Across the retail industry, customer experience leaders outperform laggards by 26%.

KSI offers on-call support, on-site support, supplies management, device management and more.

Break away from the pack and be your customer's hero.

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