We understand how important the role of safes is for a variety of security applications.


Having a safe that allows you to protect valuables and gain access to them at your convenience is a common requirement for many home and business owners. Whether you keep important documents, store valuable items, or need cash on hand for your day-to-day business routine, it’s important to be able to find safes that will ensure the ultimate protection and security.

At Ken Smith Inc., we understand how important the role of safes is for a variety of security applications, and we carry a number of products to ensure you can choose the safe that will best meet your needs.

  • Smart Safes – Having things under the proverbial “lock and key” isn’t always the best option when it comes to safes these days. Whether you need to use a secure code, want to manage who can use your safe on a daily basis, or are looking for improved security features, our smart safes are a great solution.
  • Cash Safes – Being able to safely and efficiently store your cash after end-of-day balancing or for your own use can make all the difference in security. With our cash safes at Ken Smith Inc., you can easily store cash and coin in the appropriate compartments and feel confident knowing they are adequately secured.
  • Home Safes – Knowing that your valuables are protected in the case of an unexpected event will give you peace of mind. With our home safes, you can easily store those items that require special care and security without worry.

If you need recommendations for the best safe for your needs, or if you would like more information about our other security products, contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today to get started.

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