Own them or outsource them with KSI. We offer a complete line of automated teller machines to suit nearly any situation.


The concept of a cash-dispensing automated teller machine (ATM) was introduced in the mid 1960s as a simple means for a bank to disperse money after hours or during peak rush times without the wait. In the decades since, the ATM has evolved into its own industry. Today’s automated teller machines are more advanced than ever, and you find them everywhere, from your local bank or credit union to the corner convenience store.

At Ken Smith Inc., we offer a complete line of automated teller machines to suit nearly any situation for financial institutions, government agencies and retail businesses. With a high profile role in the automated teller machines market, and staying at the forefront of new technology, we offer full-service and installation of a large and varied line of ATMs. From compact and freestanding to drive-up ATMs and durable options for all types of weather conditions, you will find that our automated teller machines are designed to handle virtually any requirement. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge technology with our interactive teller machines, which provide a live teller for customers who prefer to complete their transactions in-person, but without the need to be physically standing in a banking facility.

Today’s ATMs are multi-functional devices that can perform a variety of tasks, some of which are quite advanced. Users can still withdraw cash, but they can also manage practically all their finances through these machines. If you are interested in upgrading your current technology or would like more information about our automated teller machines, please contact us at Ken Smith Inc. today.

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