Our vaults provide ideal security and safety solutions for a variety of industries.


At Ken Smith Inc., we offer vaults that are produced to exacting standards, combining quality craftsmanship and advanced materials for a variety of businesses and industries. Along with our commitment to excellence, our dedication to the highest standards results in the premier security products available today. Our vaults for financial institutions, military bases, high-end jewelers, and more provide ideal security and safety solutions for any number of specified requirements.

  • Security – Whether you need portable vaults or are looking for maximum capabilities for your facility, at Ken Smith Inc., we have just the options you are looking for. Our vaults are manufactured to the highest-quality standards, and we provide a full range of services, including installation.
  • Solutions – From timeless designs to customized inserts, we are committed to providing the vaults and vault doors that offer maximum security and utility. With controlled convenience and personnel safety at the forefront, our vaults offer the solutions you require.
  • Performance – Committed to exceeding your expectations, we know you will achieve maximum performance from our vaults. Tested to the highest safety and performance specifications, our vaults are a great addition for any facility.
  • Appearance –Featuring a unique, stylish design without compromising safety and security, our vaults project a feeling of elegance, from the polished stainless steel finish to the striking black and stainless operating wheel. All exposed surfaces of the vaults (including the jamb, hinges and locking bar) are satin finish stainless steel.

Only the highest-quality vault materials and workmanship go into our vaults and doors. Contact us today if you would like more information about our vaults for your business or facility. We look forward to working with you.

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